Felted Clothing. Encyclopedia

Everyone who likes handmade and felting knows the name of Lubov Voronina. She was a wonderful artist and did a lot for popularization of felt not only in Russia but worldwide. For many beginners, she became the first teacher and guide to the magical world of felt. Lubov was the founder of the «Crow’s Nest» workshop and the author of numerous publications devoted to wet felting.


She got everything from life: a loving family and the opportunity to do what she loves. Thanks to the World Wide Web, she had friends in many countries, on all continents. She shared her knowledge because she wanted more beauty in this world – the beauty created by human hands.


Until the last moments, she showed us an example of courage and right attitude towards life and death.


Now, we have completed the work of her life in the «Felted Clothing. Encyclopedia». This is full-color A4 hardback edition; it contains 352 pages and more than 1600 photos, diagrams and illustrations.


The Encyclopedia includes 30 basic patterns and the best 50 master classes developed by the «Crow’s Nest», the introduction chapter and the photo album with the best clothes collection by Lubov Voronina.

The main unit consists of six chapters (from simple to complex):


1) Seamless vests

2) Hoods and collars

3) Dresses and tunics

4) Skirts, 3D templates

5) Dolman sleeve tops and jackets

6) Complex patterns for those who sew


The basic patterns (ranged from XS to XL size) are presented in A4 format. They are available in a scale of 1:4 to 1:8 and published before the start of each chapter on working with this particular pattern.


To begin the practical work, it is necessary to increase a pattern to the actual size and transfer it to a polyethylene film or any other waterproof template. The scale grid helps you to make it easy.


The patterns are enlarged to allow for 30-45% shrinkage. Before selecting your size, please be sure to select it according to your corresponding measurements.

The book will be delivered via Registered Air Mail with tracking number provided by Russian Post.

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