A mosaic of beautiful moments


Time passes so quickly and the "Crow's Nest" is already two years old! But this sense is just an illusion and sometimes you can stop and even feel the time. It all consists of highlights of meetings, events and just sunny days.


We have assembled both old and new friends again under one roof - at our welcoming studio. We have accepted the gifts and offered refreshments.

Life is a mosaic of memorable moments. We can stop the time, making felt mosaic all together with a good mood and ready to have some fun. Especially for this occasion, I have found a pile of failed experiments and obsolete garments. This is the best reason to get rid of all the excess, not just throwing away, but giving them a new life.


We have prepared the background and puzzle pieces in advance.

Each guest laid out the mosaic tiles on his own block.

Our guests came, went and finally, at the evening, the carpet was finished.

We did not want to stop and held another class: felt flowers making from waste materials.

Everyone enjoyed tea and cake:

Next year, hopefully, we'll have more time to work on research projects and experiments. Each of these books and tutorials takes a huge amount of time, work and effort.

We are happy that our circle of friends keeps growing! We love all of you and wish you only the best, health, happiness and inspiration. Till we meet again next time, at the "Crow's Nest"

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