Wet felting with 3D resist for small spaces


The simple 3D template looks like a "book" and consists of four "pages" as shown in the figure below. Each page is one of four  trapezoids; you'll only need to lay fibers out step by step on each section of the book, turning the pages during felting process.

Even with no experience you can  create your own trapezoid template with our detailed guidelines. First of all, take the contrast polyethylene film (folded in two layers) or any other suitable waterproof template and draw the trapezoid following this instructions.

To construct a trapezoid we need the following four measurements:


1. WC - waist circumference + 1-2cm(0.5-1'') allowance


2. HC - hip circumference + 1-2cm(0.5-1'') allowance


3. WHL - waist-to-hip length, usually ~20cm(0.6-0.7ft)


4. SL - the length of a garment


Choose the enlargement coefficients ( K width and K length)according to your wool layout scheme (see table below).


1)  Now, take the yellow film folded in two layers and draw a vertical line down the center.


2)  Next, construct the line segment AB. It's length is equal to:

AB = ( WC / 4 ) * Kwidth


3)  Find the point H, the length of the segment GH is:


 GH = WHL * Klength


4)  Construct the segment CD, that marked the hipline, which length is equal to:


CD = ( HC / 4 ) * Kwidth


5)  Find the point   I:  GI = SL * Klength


6)  Draw a segment perpendicular to the center axis through the point I, then connect the points A and C with a line and continue this line down. Do the same for the points B and D.


So, we have completed the trapezoid construction.

Next take the needle and thread and stitch film pieces together down the center to create a four page book.

Add a small allowances (5-6cm/2'') above and below the trapezoid. They need when forming an open edges to prevent fibers from joining.

So, you just need to cut the trapezoid and get the template that is ready for work.

P.S. Creativity Kits based on 3D resist pattern:


E6:  A Line Skirt

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