Golden Pheasant


What is the common between felting and cooking? I think, that felt clothes, as well as the cookies, must be light, useful, quick to make and most importantly, without any synthetic chemical products. Just as when cooking, when felting you can obtain something different and unexpected by mixing various ingredients.


Today's "sandwich" is a light sundress with lots of silk fibers, thin wool layer covered with silk gauze and a little twist. Getting started cooking, you have to carefully choose your ingredients.


Materials required: 2oz (~50g) of silk fibers, hand dyed in a salmon color; 4oz (~100g) of thinnest 16 micron merino wool - two shades of brown and orange colors; 10ft (~3m) of gauze and excelsior silks of different shades of green and carrot.

Modify basic pattern according to the diagram.

The wool layout will be combined, one layer at the top, crossing below and radial at the breast area; with an additional strengthening layers along the open edges: armhole, bottom and neckline.

Draw auxiliary lines on the template.

Start with the back detail and viscose layer.

Moisten fibers with a warm soapy water.

Begin wool layout. Two shades of one color will always be in harmony.

Sprinkle and rub through the mesh.

Gently form open edges with a circular movements.

The wool basis for decorating is easy to do at once, to avoid difficulties with bending allowances.  Turn over the template and lay down viscose fibers.

Moisten fibers and bend the allowances.

Continue wool layout following the diagram; wet and rub through the mesh, bend the allowances onto the back of the template.

After the basic template is completed - the real fun begins. I'm adding a little twist in the form of the ornament cut from a dense silk fabric.

The last stage is the face of the "sandwich" - thin silk gauze layer. Ornament should be clearly visible.

After a little thought, I decided to complicate the task and make a small pocket aside.

Pay attention to the entrance, strengthening it with an additional wool layer. This side will be covered with an excelsior silk.

Cover the top with the same but bright silk fabric.

Cut away the excess and rub through the mesh.

Now the front side is ready.

Turn over the template, cover with silk, cut off the excess.

Bend silk allowances so that they overlapped each over for a 0.5in (1-1.5cm) - this will be enough.

Rub through the mesh - wool fibers must be strongly fixed with silk.

Only then begin rolling in a tube; covering a template with mesh to protect the ornament from shifting.

Remove the template and continue intensive felting process.

The "sandwich" is ready - very delicious, to my mind :)

The only thing left then is to complete the look! I've found a wonderful batiste, which gave its name to the sundress. And what's a dress without luxurious lining with lace fringe?

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