Inspiration in the air

This year, September gave us some days of fabulous weather, sunshine and cloudless skies. September for us is a time to celebrate the three-year anniversary of the "Crow's Nest". As always at this time, we summarize the past year, think about the next projects and invite our guests to enjoy the holiday celebrations.


Early morning, we go the park:

Waiting for guests:

We like not only accept gifts, but also to give them.

Because an influx of visitors we did not take enough photos

But we got a lot of gifts for our baby bird :)

Our workshop has become very small.

We even make small crafts with our own hands.

It's time for a win-win lottery.

Happy smiles:

"Crow's Nest" cake for a special recipe.

Polina and her rainbow coat.

Last year was very productive for us, we are working on new projects and our workshop is also expanding.

We wish you all the best, smile and be happy.

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