Morning Mist


I was scrolling through my inspiration folder and found a long forgotten picture. The painting is called "Dawn over the rice fields". Thousand of mirrors are sparkle from the bright and warm rays of the sun. I wonder did the peasants thought about the beauty or just about how to make the soil more fertile.


It should be a luxurious and feminine skirt (but comfortable and convenient at the same time). The template should be large enough, so, we need at least 4 square meters for the half pattern. If you have less, try laying down sequentially (it was my first experience). Feel yourself like a Chinese peasant who work hard for his daily bread.

Materials required: ~120-150g(4-6oz) of 16m(18m) Merino wool; ~40g(1.5oz) of viscose fibers and a lot of silk - this time I took about 10 meters of 140 cm width silk chiffon. The silk was cut into strips of 20-30cm(~1ft) width and dyed manually.

For all those who currently work with our pattern, I propose this diagram.

Radial wool layout is shown in the diagram below. This is one-layer thin layout with an additional linear wool layer. Check the skirt length before beginning the work.

First, lay down viscose lining parallel to the bottom of the template. Moisten fibers with warm soapy water, straight the open edges with an additional linear layer of wool.

Start the wool layout using your color palette:

Moisten the wool with warm soapy water, carefully rub through the mesh. Turn over the template and continue the layout.

Bend the allowances, continue according to diagram.

Pay attention to the side part - it should not have any ripples. So, we obtain a blank for further working.

Take the wool roving and divide into 5-6 parts. Prepare the cords. Leave the tips dry, join them with the waist area of the template.

Lay the silk down step-by-step, try to make some folds, moving from the bottom to the top of the template, with a 10-15cm overlapping.

Moisten and rub through the mesh. This is not easily done :)

Turn over the template and continue the silk layout.

Carefully rub through the mesh until the wool fibers join with the silk surface. Remove the template.

Continue felting process and rolling in different directions.

Next, carefully peel off the frills:

And now, we can look at the skirt from the outside:

Every self-respecting skirt have a lining. I sewed an underskirt with a lace ruffle at the hem.

I'm hardly waiting for spring to dress the skirt up

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