My Autumn


Fall is such a magical season that leaves no one indifferent and inspires creativity not only for artists and poets. You notice that, staying behind the familiar tree. Just yesterday, it had been green, but now it's glowing with bright red and yellow leaves. This change puts me in a little melancholy, whose name is Autumn.


Another autumn walk inspired me to write this story. This time I need 150g (5-6oz) of 18 micron merino wool of an autumn color palette and 20g (1oz) of Tussah silk fibers.

Let's take a vest pattern that I have used previously in lesson "Fleece Paintings" - it is more convenient for wool paintings.

The back and flaps will be a contrasting but complementary color. Draw the boundary lines.

The wool layout is conventional (two thin layers), without any changing.

Adding different shades of  green:

Moisten the wool with a warm soapy water, rub through the mesh, form open edges (including shoulder seam line) with circular movements.

Creating overlapped seam imitation along the side line with a film strip.

Tussah silk fibers brightens the cloth surface.

Now, the canvas is entirely prepared for painting:

This time I was not searching for inspiration outside, but I have found it within myself :) So, the painting will be called, very simply, the "Self-portrait in Crimson".

The natural color palette:

The wool color palette:

(the wool is layed out with a one thin layer, not moistened but dry and gently rubbed by hands)

Use scissors instead of painter's brush.

Follow your intuition and inspiration.

Moisten the wool and gently rub through the mesh to fix the painting.

I'll try now to show you my mood with a small musical sketch.

The creative, artistic part is over, then it gets a bit technical.

Continue felting process according to the previous lessons.

Shoulder seams are stitched manually or by machine. Continue preparing for the first fitting.

It remains to complete the work adding small details - pockets, loops, buttons.

The nature is changing every day but I was able to capture the moment. I wish you have many happy moments that can be shared and enjoyed with friends.

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