Thin Ice On A River


Spring is upon us and along with spring comes the warm weather. It's a good reason to go for a walk to seek a new inspiration. The bright sun is shining, the birds are chirping loudly and the murmuring streams flow under the thin ice.


This time we'll modify the dress pattern to obtain a light sundress.  I was not in a hurry and I made some samples first to see how my idea would work.


Materials required: ~150g(5-6oz) of 16m(18m) Merino wool; 2x1.5m (2x5ft) of hand dyed pure silk of two kinds: matt and bright; 2-3 rolls of masking tape of about 2cm (~0.5-1in) width

Based upon the medium size pattern, I've made some changes - deepen the armhole, straighten the silhouette, draw the stand-up collar and the concave hem. For all those who currently work with our pattern, I propose this diagram.

The wool layout is assumed to be two-layer. This is the plan: first, lay the front detail, wet, rub through the mesh, turn over the template, bend the allowances and repeat all steps for the back detail. Such preparations will simplify further work with the silk.

Straighten the open edges with an additional linear wool layer, as usually.


Try laying down a thinnest strands to obtain soft and pleasant felt structure.



Moisten the wool with warm soapy water, gently rub through the mesh

Form the open edges by circular movements.

Turn over the template, bend the allowances, continue wool layout according to diagram.

The template is prepared to work. Here is a small trick - I've used two little silk stripes to bend the allowances without any ripples. This fabric is flexible enough.

Lay down the matt silk on the right side of the template first. Try to avoid any ripples, then cut the excess fabric off.

Using the masking tape, lay down a geometric design on the left side of the template.

Lay down the bright silk over the tape at the same manner. Cut the excess fabric. Gently rub through the mesh and turn over the template.

Lay down the pocket templates over the additional silk pieces. Lay down two wool layers over the pocket templates with an additional strengthening layer along the entrance. Wet and rub through the mesh.

Repeat the previous steps at the front side of the dress. Moisten with warm soapy water and rub through the mesh. Cover with film and start rolling in a tube (at first with light pressure and then with heavy pressure)

The design should seem shady, so at first felt until the wool fibers join with the silk surface.

Then remove the tape and continue felting process. The design should be visible.

Time is come to cut the pockets. Do not remove the template until the open edges is formed.

Continue felting process until the dress become ready to fit.

Zippers and the sunflower brooch are necessary to liven the dress up.

I could not stop and sewed a jersey underdress.

I wish you just good spring mood and sunny days!!!

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