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May 2018

Geometric designs. Part 2.


Since the beginning of the last century, the rapid development of technology and scientific progress caused many creative people (artists and poets, sculptors and architects) began to seek inspiration in new expressive forms that differed from classical. There were various trends in art: expressionism, abstractionism include suprematism, neo-plasticism and others.


Geometry is the basis of everything. Strict lines allow the abstract idea to be described in the clear mathematical language.


In this class, we will start to study the following figures - squares and rectangles, and patterns based on them. Our new idea is a sleeveless cowl neck top sweater, decorated with an abstract composition of rectangles, squares and straight lines based on the famous painting by Pete Mondrian.


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April 2018

Endless source of inspiration


We invite you to visit our photo gallery on FLICKR. Here you found new photo sessions of wet felted clothing model, nature macro photography that inspires us and black and white studio works.


We do not like post processing images and hope to improve skills by experimenting with light and lenses.



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March 2018

Geometric designs. Part 1.


The winter whirlwind continues: blizzards and snowstorms sing outside the window we continue our experiments with wool in our cozy nest. Now, we are glad to present the new tutorials called “Geometric designs”.


Each of these lessons will be devoted to some geometric figure. On its basis, we will build a simple pattern, so that then using the long-known, but interesting decorating techniques, we’ll get a new fashionable silhouette.


We offer to your attention not usual tutorial with text and photos, but with short videos that allow you to understand the finest nuances of wool layout and felted process, and construction schemes of pattern and decorative snowflakes.


The first is a simple figure – a triangle, and our idea is a felted top “Snowstorm” with a draped cowl neck collar


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Winter 2017/2018

Winter Fairytale

A piercing silence and tranquility, sparks of snowflakes and a light frost, frosty patterns on a window and fluffy snowcaps - all these winter charms inspire us to create new unusual felt garments. To achieve an extraordinary result, in some cases, it is necessary not to complicate, but simplify all the process from pattern construction to decoration and wool shrinkage. You will see the results of our experiments in this detailed tutorial on felting a light cape jacket, created with elements of “crazy-wool” technique, where we shall use a thin wool layer instead of glue or non-woven fabric...


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We also offer a new DIY kit based on this model and tutorial. This universal style is suitable for different women's figures. We need to obtain a very thin, airy, soft, easily draped felt, gleaming in the sun with bright sparks of sequins.


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Autumn 2017

The “Crows Nest” presents new tutorials with patterns available for download dedicated to memory of Lubov Voronina.

Autumn Feelings


A gloomy gray sky and a light drizzle cause a slight sadness and melancholy; summer leaves us to complete the next cycle of life and to return next year again.


A warm felted waistcoat can be now an irreplaceable thing in your wardrobe. And if it is a unique thing created by yourself, you will feel like a celebrity, catching the interested views of passersby.


In this lesson, we will create a long straight vest with a checkered pattern and a classic tailor collar.


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The natural beauty and nature's wonders were always a source of inspiration for artists. For example, take the amazing process of turning a caterpillar into a butterfly – the caterpillar's body completely dissolves inside the chrysalis, and the butterfly's body is formed anew. This process is called metamorphosis, but the creative human can also make a perfect creation from a shapeless heap of fibers.


In this lesson, we will mix bright motifs with shades of deep autumn in a straight, voluminous textured dress called "Metamorphoses"


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Summer 2017

Lubov Voronina, Crows Nest, A miracle out of nothing, book, wet felting

A miracle out of nothing

Over the past six months we have done a great job of restoring sketches, notes and diaries of Lubov Voronina. Now, Lubov turns again to the needlewomen from the pages of a new book called "A Miracle out of Nothing".


“A miracle out of nothing” is a prequel or prologue to the big “Felted Clothing.Encyclopedia” by Lubov Voronina & the “Crow’s Nest”. At the same time - this is an independent edition, not only for those who are already engaged in felting but also designed to interest other needlewomen. We wanted to show what unlimited possibilities are opening up for a creative person to work with such wonderful material as wool.


This is also a full-color A4 hardback edition, it contains 240 pages and more than 1000 photos, diagrams and schemes in 34 master classes with patterns. There's only RUSSIAN edition, but the book include a lot of visual and graphical information - so you can understand it even without knowing Russian.


!!! The book will be available for ordering from August,28

Spring 2017

New models for spring / summer


We have developed some new DIY kits for those who likes felting. Improve your skills and be sure that even using the same decorating method, you can obtain your own unique, one of a kind garment.


"Sunny Soul"


"Wuthering Heights"


"Nets for the wind"

Winter 2016/2017

wet felting Lubov Voronina Book

Felted Clothing. Encyclopedia

Everyone who likes handmade and felting knows the name of Lubov Voronina. She was a wonderful artist and did a lot for popularization of felt not only in Russia but worldwide. For many beginners, she became the first teacher and guide to the magical world of felt. Lubov was the founder of the «Crow’s Nest» workshop and the author of numerous publications devoted to wet felting.


She got everything from life: a loving family and the opportunity to do what she loves. Thanks to the World Wide Web, she had friends in many countries, on all continents. She shared her knowledge because she wanted more beauty in this world – the beauty created by human hands.


Until the last moments, she showed us an example of courage and right attitude towards life and death.


Now, we have completed the work of her life in the «Felted Clothing. Encyclopedia».



Autumn 2016

A Bird Flew Into The Sky


Lubov Voronina, the founder and inspirer of the "Crow's Nest" passed away on October, 23...


She was a wonderful artist. Her unassuming, warm and generous personality has touched many near and far away.


Now we, her husband and daughter, continue the family business. We have many plans ahead to evolve the "Crow's Nest"


Feel free to contact us if you'll have any questions.


Ivan and Maria